The 5th UNNES-TEFLIN National Conference

"Coping with Current Challenges in EFL Teaching" 

..:: Thank you for your participation in The 5th UNNES-TEFLIN National Conference :: Deadline of Paper Submission: June 30th, 2023 ::..

Conference Description

UNNES-TEFLIN National Conference is a biennial national conference organized by the English Department, Faculty of Languages and Arts, Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) in collaboration with the Central Java TEFLIN (the Association for the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia). With the emergency nature of learning due to the post pandemic, the 5th UNNES-TEFLIN National Conference 2021 focuses on the challenge of Second or Foreign Language (L2) teaching. Under the theme “Coping with Current Challenge in EFL Teaching” we are inviting EFL/ELT/L2 teachers, lecturers, researchers, scholars, students, and or other key stakeholders to present and discuss their latest findings, innovations, best practices as well as fresh ideas on, but not limited to, the listed sub-themes. 

Scopes of The Conference

Scopes of the conference are ranged from but not limited to:

1. Differentiated Learning Strategies in EFL Context 

2. “Merdeka Belajar” Application in EFL Context

3. Literacy-Based Learning in EFL Context 
4. Technology-Based Learning in EFL Context 
5. Culturally Responsive Teaching in EFL Context 
6. Project-Based Learning in EFL Context 
7. Assessment in EFL Context (sub-tema)
8. Curriculum Development in EFL Context 
9. Teaching Media in EFL Context 
10. Integrated Skill Teaching in EFL Context 

    Other relevant research areas.

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