The 4th UNNES Student Conference 2021

Call for Abstracts

The conference is held to accommodate the need of English Education and Literature students in Indonesia and Asia to perform in academic forums, i.e., sharing their research findings with their peers or articulating their ideas and thoughts around their interests in TEFL/TESL, multimodality, linguistics, literature, academic reading and writing, visual and cultural studies, literacies, and translation.

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..:: Thank you for your participation on the UNNES Student Conference 2021 :: Deadline for Abstracts Submission: May 17th, 2021 ::..


Ways of Knowing across Audiovisual and Textual Modalities


Academic writing, culture, and identity;

Multimodality, reading, and writing;

Multimodality as a means for understanding the world;

Multimodal approaches to research in linguistics and applied linguistics

Multimodality in TEFL/TESL;

Multimodal perspective in English literature;

Multimodal approaches to literary studies;

Multimodal literacy in literary studies;

Literacies and multimodality;

Translation and multimodality;

Multimodal approaches to visual and cultural studies;

Visual and cultural studies approaches to popular media;

(Multimodal) analysis of popular media in culture and as culture;

Other relevant sub-themes.

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