The seminar is held to accommodate the prominent researchers, lecturers, teachers, students, and public in Indonesia and Asia to perform in academic forums, i.e., sharing their research findings with their peers or articulating their ideas and thoughts around their interest in literature, linguistics, TEFL/TESOL, cultural studies, literacies, and translation. 

The seminar's theme is "Reconceptualizing Survivalism in Humanities". This seminar's aims are as follows: 1) to present an overview of the history of survivalism in literature, linguistics, translation, and education, while also providing an opportunity for seminar attendees to discuss and exchange ideas regarding survivalism in the humanities. 2) To expand seminar participants' knowledge/insight about survivalism notions and how these concepts reconceptualize survivalism in the humanities, particularly in the disciplines of language and learning, literature, and translation across time periods. 3) To detect diverse post-pandemic survival methods in the humanities sector; 4) To strengthen contact between the UNNES English Department and academics, literary critics, and literary connoisseurs in general.