Welcome to The 5th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences

THE ASIA NETWORK "Bringing Time, Space and Social Life Together"



Asia is part of a dynamic world culture that has evolved over several millennia. This development cannot be separated from a parallel Asian networking, the occurrence of a unique Asian history and a link with the Pacific region and the rest of the world. The dynamics have provided a source of energy to build and be part of the global community. Studying Asian networks is a multidisciplinary science enquiry, incorporating the study of interaction and process that create our current realities. A plural research integrates diachronic, geographic, sociologic, anthropologic, economic, pedagogic and politics as well as other branches of sciences which interlock and influence globalisation. Viewing the significance of networking in Asia with global communities, the aim of this conference is to bring together scientists, students, NGOs and government officials with an interest in the broad aspects of networking and to present research findings and raise their opinions in this biannual event.


Prof. Dr. Fathur Rohkman, M.Hum
Rector of Semarang State University, Indonesia

The Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speakers I

Johan Richard Wientre, P.hD from Chairperson of Internasional Indonesian Forum For Asian Studies IIFAS, Australia
Topic : Social Rural Adjustment in West Kalimantan

Keynote Speakers II

Associate Professor
Dr. Kartini Aboo Talib from University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia
Topic : Gender Issue in Malaysia Democracy

Keynote Speakers III

Prof. A. Rahman Tang Bin Abdullah, Ph.D from University Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia
Topic : Peasant economy in Malaysia

Keynote Speakers IV
Dr. Balraj Singh from Punjabi University Patala, India
Topic : Indian Relations with South East Asian Countries

Keynote Speakers V
Dr. Maskota Delfi Andalas University, Indonesia
Topic : Traditional Medicine use in Indonesia

Keynote Speakers VI

Prof. Mesbah Kamal from Dhaka University, Bangladesh
Topic : Moslem Communities in South and South East Asia

Keynote Speakers VII

Prof. Dr. Mohd Noor Mansour from Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA) University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia
Topic : Ethnic Study in Malaysia

Keynote Speakers VIII
Prof. Dr. Warsono from Chairperson of Associate of Indonesian Social Science Education Scholars (HISPISI)
Topic : Social Studies Education in Indonesia


Social Changes in the Pacific Asia Region,
Rural, Urban and Development in Tourism,
Natural Disaster Risk Management,
Community Health and Medicine Ideology, Values, and Cultural Identity,
Education of Social Studies,
Communities and State Policy,
Multicultural and Gender Issues,
Maritime Network and Society,
Trade Network in Asia and the Pacific,

Conference Registration Fees

Paper/Poster Presenters : IDR 900,000 (US$ 70),
Participants and Guests : IDR 500,000 (US$40),

Important dates

For paper presenters, absentee presenters, and poster presenters :,
Abstract/Poster submission and registration deadline 15 June 2017,
Full paper can be submitted Absentee Presenters have to upload at abstract.icess@mail.unnes.ac.id,
Final full paper submission deadline 15 August 2017,