1st 1st International Conference on Geography and Disaster Management (ICGDM 2021)


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Conference Description

Geography has been developing for a long time as a science that studies the similarities and differences of geosphere phenomena from territoriality and environment perspective in a spatial context. In its history, geography was initially developed as knowledge about the image of the earth's surface told by experts who have made explorations to various parts of the world. The relationship between humans and their surroundings has been the object of study since classical geography. Currently, geography science has developed into various other branches of science. There are at least three major geography studies: physical geography, human geography, and technical geography. Nowadays, geography education is also developing, which explicitly develops educational studies in the field of geography. Environmental issues and disaster risk are included in one study theme that researchers and observers widely discussed in geography. Environmental aspects related to disaster risks and events and their dynamics in human activities are interesting to be discussed in more depth. This International Seminar was held as a forum for researchers, practitioners, and observers of geography to exchange ideas and experiences studying natural phenomena. In addition, this forum is expected to be a space for the publication of innovation results and scientific findings resulting from research.


Scopes of the conference are ranged from but not limited to: Scopes of the conference are ranged from but not limited to:

1. Physical Geography

2. Human Geography

3. GIS and Remote Sensing

4. Environment and Sustainable Development

5. Disaster Management

6. Resource Management