Beyond Global Pandemic: New Challenges and Innovation in Digital Learning

As we know, the rampant spread of the COVID-19 pandemic globally has influenced

many sectors and became challenges, including at higher education institutions.

COVID-19 will undoubtedly change the world forever, with many social and economic

patterns unlikely to return to normal again, even after the pandemic has passed. It is

especially true for the university sector and how higher education to transform the

traditional methods.

Education is a vital sector that needs consideration because it has a long-term impact

on future generations of humanity. Adjustments to policies, implementation, and

evaluation related to the education sector were continuously made so that education can

continue to run optimally without compromising safety during the current pandemic.

Education during a pandemic has various challenges that need to be faced. There are

also complex problems that require fast, precise, and accurate solutions—various

efforts made by all parties to participate in handling and preventing the increasing

spread of covid-19. 

Researchers, practitioners, academics, and government as policymakers collaborate to

find solutions to various problems. There are innovations as alternative solutions that

can be obtained through education, research, and community service activities.

Alternative solutions need to be discussed and communicated to obtain the best

solutions for facing challenges and solving education problems.

To participates and provides a forum to discuss and analyze approaches and impacts of

covid-19, the Faculty of Education Universitas Negeri Semarang carries out an

International Seminar with the theme "Beyond Global Pandemic: New Challenges and

Innovation in Digital Learning." 

The 2nd International Seminar on Education and Human Technology (ISEHT) hold by

the Faculty of Education UNNES and the IEOM Society International. This conference

aims to facilitate researchers, experts, and practitioners from academia, government,

research institutes, and industry to share the latest education advances regarding the

challenges and innovations of digital learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.