1.   Lecturers and researcher.

2.   Practitioners/ professionals.

3.   Sport organization and society.

4.   Health and insurance institutions.

5.   Health and sports industries.

6.   International or regional delegation from professional organizations.

7.   Related bureaucracy officers.

8.   Graduate and post graduate students.



1.   Promoting health, sport, physical activity, and green lifestyles for sport for all;

2.   Creating active society, active environments, active people, and active systems related to sport for all;

3.   Developing innovation of preventive strategies from NCDs regarding sport for all;

4.   Making more attractive health and sport facilities for people to promote sport for all;

5.   Raising awareness of how sport for all can promote teamwork, intercultural learning, and responsibility;

6.  Promoting mutual cooperation between government, universities, research centres, sport organizations, society, health institutions, and industry to promote sport for all.